Einladung | The Circle Way | Practicum | 18. – 22. März | Genfer See

Liebe alle,

Ich lade Euch sehr herzlich ein, Eure Circle-Erfahrungen zu vertiefen und weiter auszubauen!


Interest has been growing for some English-speaking learning opportunities in The Circle Way in Europe, and three terrific teams have been working to bring this to reality. We are hoping you might consider these invitations for yourself, as well as pass them on to others in your network who might be interested.

We are grateful to those who have already responded and shared these invitations.

Circle contains all the main patterns, practices and principles for conversations that matter, and is one of the core practices in the Art of Hosting. You might have experienced circle during an Art of Hosting training, for example at the beginning and end as check-ins and check-outs. Circle can be very powerful; the many layers of hosting, participating in, and harvesting circles deserve to be discovered and practiced. And understanding The Circle Way can take your hosting of other participatory processes such as World Cafe and Open Space Technology to a much deeper place.

We are happy to announce English-speaking learning opportunities to deepen The Circle Way and to explore its power further in the upcoming months:

Switzerland | intensive practicum
18 – 22 March

Kortenberg, Belgium | two-day circle workshop
25 – 26 March

Budapest, Hungary | two-day circle workshop
28 – 29 March

The three sessions will explore what is ‚The Circle Way‘ of having powerful conversations and how it works – the agreements, principles and practices that give it strength; to practice circle participation and hosting, and discover how you might apply circle infrastructure to real and important situations in work, community, or family life.

The intensive Practicum in Switzerland will give space to go deeper in the practice, explore different forms of circles and meetings using circles, and how circle can be used as a primary organizational operating system. We would be happy to meet you and practice with you at one of these trainings. If you are not able to participate, please spread the invitation further in your networks and/or Art of Hosting field. For further information and questions please contact the local contact person (below).

In appreciation,
Holger for

the Switzerland team:
Markus Heil, Anna Biollaz, and Holger Heller – markus.heil@kath.ch

the Belgium team:
Damien Versele, Olivier Winghart, and Markus Heil – markus.heil@kath.ch

the Budapest team:
Melinda Varfi – melindavarfi@gmail.com